Extended Features

Integrated control, improved workflow.


We love VU meters, Bakelite knobs, and vintage character. But we want modern precision and workflow. The answer? Softube Extended Features. Extended Features gives you innovations like proper metering, headroom control, and level matching via easy-access panels without altering the fundamental design of the original gear.

Update your software to start using Extended Features now. Click here for a full list of supported plug-ins.


The Input Panel

The Input Panel consists of input meters and an input volume control. It is fully configurable and can show Peak meters, True Peak meters, RMS meters, and LUFS meters (Momentary, Short, and Integrated LU types).

The Control Panel

The Control Panel offers tools for plug-in usage. Here you can access controls that set the Headroom of the plug-in, adjust the High Pass filter, or tweak the variable Phase Invert control.

The Output Panel

The Output Panel mirrors the Input Panel but with two vital additions: the Gain Difference Meter and the LUFS Target Value control. The Gain Difference Meter shows you the perceived difference in the audio level pre- and post-plug-in and allows for adjustments. The LUFS Target Value control lets you easily decipher when you are over your set target value.

The Settings Menu

The Settings Menu is where you can fully customize Extended Features to fit your needs. Decide which panels to make visible or the type of meters you want to use, then save as default for a flawless workflow.