Using Console 1 with Ableton Live


Ableton Live is fully compatible with the Console 1 ecosystem. Whether you use Live in the studio or on the stage, tactile control of your most important DAW parameters inspires your production and performance to be even more musical.

Control of volume, pan, solo, and mute in Live is just the start. Sending to return tracks for reverb, adding drive to distort a loop, filtering sounds while launching scenes, and grouping tracks with layer mode takes your creative potential to a new level.

For those using Push to create or perform, you will love the addition of faders to your workflow for the first time. It is your music, so decide what setup is best for you. Console 1 and Console 1 Fader can work on their own in Ableton Live or you can use them together. And for those of you mixing larger sets, add more than one Console 1 Fader for an additional 10 faders.

Console 1 works in all major DAWs. Learn more about how it works in yours.




1. Getting Started in Ableton Live with Console 1 Fader

Learn to get up and running with Console 1 Fader and Ableton Live in order to control your most important DAW parameters.





2. Distort with Drive and Character

Add Drive and Character to different elements and groups in your set to glue tracks together with subtle harmonic distortion or crank it up for some creative overdriven sound quality.





3. Add Depth to your Set with Sends

Add and modulate depth and dimension to your sets with tactile control over reverbs, delays, modulation, or anything else you add to your return tracks.





4. Using Creative Filtering

Automate low and high cuts, intensify the launching of a scene, or do some basic mix cleanup of your tracks with the hands on control of filters.





5. Simplify your Set with Layer Mode

When your sets become cluttered with tons of tracks, Layer Mode is here to help you work in a more efficient manner on the stage and in the studio.



Live in the Studio with Jolea and Console 1 Fader

Jolea is an artist and producer from Finland. Watch how she takes ambient recordings and processes them in Ableton Live with the tactile experience of Console 1 Fader. The end result is a wonderful, atmospheric album called 'Atlas'.

Listen to Jolea on Spotify